The Dreamweaver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling end-of-life dreams for seniors with terminal illnesses.  We make dreams come true as a special way to thank and honor our impoverished seniors in their last days — and to create long-lasting memories for those who give.

It is our belief that giving dreams to eligible seniors will forever enrich and change the lives of the communities we serve.  Our seniors, volunteers, sponsors, donors, medical personnel and our communities all play an important role in fulfilling a dream.

Dreams are more than tangible things.  A “dream” is a life experience; a long-awaited fishing trip, multi-generational family portraits, a mother-daughter-granddaughter spa day, a romantic first date after 15 years, and once-in-a-lifetime cruise with sisters.  Dreams give the gift of hope.  Together, we can continue to fulfill life-long dreams for seniors, to create memories that last a lifetime.

Dreamer Spotlight

Warren and Jeanine Ready for their Night OutThe Benson’s Dream – Warren and Jeanine Benson, residents of the Omaha area, are no strangers to caring for others. Ruth Hamlin first brought this couple to our attention when she nominated them to be recipients of a “Dream.” Ruth stated that the Benson’s, “were the most loving and dedicated caregivers she had met in her 18 years of working with family caregivers.” When she first met the Benson’s in 2008, Ruth remembered, “Jeanine was slumped in a wheelchair, a victim of MS. Warren, having a rare sleep disorder (Central Nervous System Hypersomnia + Cataplexy), literally dozed in and out during the workshop. At the time both Warren and Jeanine were exhausted, overwhelmed, and steeped in caring for their parents while trying to keep each other healthy.  Read more

Margaret (Kay) Allen picking out cherry trees with her family.Kay’s Dream –  Speaking with Peter on the phone, you can hear the love he has for his wife, Margaret “Kay” Allen, and their three children; Cory, Angelique, and Brittany. Kay has devoted her life to being a wife and mother has made a name for herself, “The Lollipop Queen”, in their community. Unable to resist putting a smile on another’s face, Kay would make lollipops to hand out for the simple joy of making someone else happy! Read More

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